SHR LED 4pc Interior/License Plate Light Upgrade Kit for 2005-2009 Mustang / S197-875-4

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The wave of the future, Instead of dealing with 50 year old lighting technology, bring your car into the future with our 5-element LED lights that are true Plug-N-Play units. Utilizing the latest in high-quality imported components, we’re able to offer not only an easy to install kit, but we’re also so confident in the quality of our LED’s that we’re backing them up with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY!! That’s right – if your LED ever fails under normal use, we’ll replace it (you just pay for shipping via USPS) – who else is willing to stand behind their kits like that?? This kit is a complete 4pc upgrade, which covers your dome/map lights, license plate/tag light, and your trunk light! Installation takes just minutes, and the difference in lighting is amazing to see!

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 5 × 2 in

SilverHorse Racing

Installation Time

(approx.) 5 minutes

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Our Florida location


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3 reviews for SHR LED 4pc Interior/License Plate Light Upgrade Kit for 2005-2009 Mustang / S197-875-4

  1. Anonymous

    Once again, nothing but the best from the fine folks and their great company! Very bright, one is pure white to be 50 state legal for license plate (blue is for emergency vehicles) and the rest have a hint of blue tint that looks great, especially the map lights. Pop them in and you’re all set! (I had to trim a bit off the map light , but a couple of scrapes with a pocketknife is all it needed, they do put off a soft almost unnoticeable glow when they go off, but it fades shortly.) Great item, great price, great customer service, I highly recommend and would trust anything they manufacture and/or sell. You won’t be disappointed! Thanks!

    * Note from SHR – Map lights should not require any trimming – we’re going to clarify the install instructions to match how we install them here so that nobody has any issues during install.

  2. Anonymous

    Great product, really brightens up the interior, the trunk and the personalized license plate….one more item that makes my 09 Shelby stand out.
    As good as the product truly is, the customer service is even better, had a pleasant informative conversation with them the morning after I installed the light. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous

    Much brighter, white lights. Really brighten up the interior, trunk and license plate.

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