Established in 2003 to fill an unserved niche of the premium automotive aftermarket, SilverHorse Racing designs and manufactures our own products that many said could not be done here in America due to the continued offshoring of American manufacturing and the cut-rate quality that importing sub-par products typically would bring with it .

Rather than believe the naysayers that said manufacturing here was a dying breed, from the very beginning and to this day we invest heavily in our people and in cutting-edge capabilities and techniques that allowed us to not only produce our own line of products , but also produce products for other companies that demand made in America quality and craftsmanship.

Over the years we have trained and assembled a knowledgeable onsite team experienced in a wide range of manufacturing techniques. Most of our core team has been with us since almost the beginning of our company, a testament to how we treat our team as family and not just a number.

The result – people who actually care about the components they are making for you, rather than someone simply collecting a paycheck whether your part is good or not.  We continue to reinvest in our team and our capabilities to this day, so that we remain on the cutting edge of what is possible in modern CNC manufacturing.

Utilizing the latest in CNC machining centers and CAD/CAM software and starting from the finest materials available, SilverHorse Racing, and our manufacturing division Spacecoast Precision has earned a trusted reputation in the manufacturing world as a company that delivers what we promise to our customers.

We supply some of the most well-known names in the automotive world that care about the quality of their products, and have also supplied products to many other diverse markets – that doesn’t just “happen” with poor quality, cookie-cutter products made by the container-load overseas – that happens through innovation, quality, and vision to deliver only the best products available.

    Whether the job calls for a live-turning center with subspindle handoff capability, or 4-axis simultaneous horizontal milling, or laser engraving of 1,000’s of pieces, or even 3D printing of a new prototype, SilverHorse Racing has the tools and the talent needed to take care of your aftermarket part and manufacturing needs.

Throughout it all though, our one simple vision still holds true for everything we offer to you, our customer:

“If we wouldn’t put it on our own car, we won’t produce it for yours.”J.M. Canitano, founder, SilverHorse Racing.

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